ERG Overview
Seize opportunities, solidify, fight and innovate for ERG's rise.

Our company established in march 1994. After three stages of development in capital and turnover, We had upgraded to one joint stock ltd with register capital of 58.83 million RMB in September 18 of 2014. As a great landmark of company history, we had been listed in China Neeq on May 15 of 2015, stock code is 832208.

We now have two factories with 58500㎡ workshop and office building, one in Shaliu, the other in Binhai new district, total area reach around 12 acres. Our human resources and equipments are fully satisfied with production needs. There have around 320 employees including more than 30 engineers and technicians in our company, being allocated with more than 230 pcs manufacture and inspecting equipments. We have already reached such a production capacity of 5000 sets cooler and 5000 ~ 30000 sets refering to all kinds of transformer accessories. The expecting turnover of 2015 will come to 120 million RMB.

We have set up strong R&D facilities, including three test cabinets, four laboratories, one post-doctoral mobile station and one academician work station. For expending and enhancing our technology capacity, we have built long term cooperation relationships with some famous research institutes, for example, engineering thermophysics institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, institute of refrigeration and cryogenics of Zhejiang University, automation institute of Wuhan University, fluid and hydraulics institute of Lanzhou University of Science & Technology, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, and Research Institute of Hefei Mechanical Heat Exchanger, etc. By long term continuous R&D investment and scientific research, we have gotten so many proud honors, for example, more than 50 patents, more than 50 dissertations and 4 academic publications, paticipating in modifying and drafting 9 items of industry and national standards as a drafter of transformer parts industry standards engaged by the former Ministry of Machinery and a member of standard locomotive committee under the former Ministry of Railways, becoming a member of The World Rail Transit Experts Committee, being designated as one important high and new technology enterprise of the National Torch Program in Oct. 2011, being elected as china top 100 small and medium size enterprises with high development potentiality of the industy promotion project under The 12th National Five Year Plan in July 2006, being elected as one high and new technology enterprise of zhejiang province in Oct. 2012, and etc. What is worth mentioning is a 12.93m wind tunnel test center which was built in Oct. 2014. By special original design and new technologies application, this facility has possessed the biggest test capacity in china about effectiveness of heat exchanger. It will provide an economic and efficient auxiliary means for design, manufacture and inspection of heat exchanger. Now, we are just applying design patent and state laboratory for this facility. If successful, it will be one brilliant landmark in ERG history.

By recruiting some senior talents and carrying out various targeted training, the professional quality of our employees are consequently raising up. Now, more than 40% our staffs have experienced higher education for more than two years, someone being conferred college degree or above. In these people, more than 50 people have been entitled with engineer or senior technician. The majority of our senior management position are of professional manager. By gradually taking shape of a talent echelon with distinct levels, reasonable structure and stable upgrading, It will be able to satisfy the development needs of our company in the foreseeable future.

For lean production aim, our routine management strictly follows the 5S and 7S standards, and has gotten a series of several famous international and domestic certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, EC, CE, EUP, IRIS, CRCC, manufacture license of pressure vessels(china), certificate of confirmity for measurement management systems(china), and certificate of national environmental management systems(china) etc. Our products have been enrolled on P/O list of many famous companies such as ABB, GE, SIEMENS, ARISTON, HYOSUNG, TOSHIBA, SINOPEC, CHIINA GUODIAN GROUP, XEMC, QINSHAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, TBEA, CHINA XIDIAN, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY, CSR, CNR etc, and getting many favourable comments.

Basing on the overall consideration to cooling system, we research and manufacture all kinds of important transformer accessories. In recent years, we have put some new items into production such as omniseal oil pump for transformer, axial flow type oil pump, gear type oil pump for internal combustion locomotive, 2.0MW cooler for wind generating set, cooler for dehydrating tower etc. These ones have filled some domestic industry blank. We invited some top grade experts to check them and sent them for strict test to some top grade laboratories such as The State Transformer Testing Center, The Ministry Of Railway Locomotive Testing Center and National Atomic Energy Laboratory. Their reports have given these products high praise and regarded them having reached similar quality level of like products in the world with some advance technology in domestic.

For realizing three lofty missions: “Building outstandingt goodwill, rasing up national industry, envolving humanistic company culture by fine gene of zhejiang business circle.”, we devote all sources to R&D of heat exchange technologies and equipments, and try to unite three things of company development, employee improvment, and social benefit by managment of militarizing,cultivating, team-identity consolidating, and humanizing. We will make due contributions thereof for china dream.