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March 8th, 1994 zhejiang erg technology Inc. (formerly known as Sanmen Motor Vehicle Accessories Factory), leased at Yangcitang, Xitou Village, Sanmen Town, deals in moped seat cushions.
May 19th, 1995 Sanmen Motor Vehicle Accessories Factory renamed as Taizhou Chenguang Motor Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. and prepared to transform into the electric power industry.
February 1996 the first precision casting transformer oil pump was made, which filled the blank of China and belonged to national key projects in the “Eighth Five-Year Plan”.
October 1996 it renamed as Sanmen ERG Technology Inc. registered “ERG” trademark at the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and had its own plants.
April 1997 it finished the development of all the transformer oil pump series. Their models were registered in the State Bureau of Machine Building Industry. Director of Shenyang Transformer Research Institution visited our company.
August 1997 we joined in Transformer Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association
March 1998 a team headed by Zhao Guolian, chief engineer with Baoding Tianwei Transformer Group Co., Ltd. visited our company, and designated to use “ERG” oil pumps.
May 1998 Toshiba (Changzhou) visited our company and designated to use our products.
July 1998 ABB (Hefei) visited our company and designated to use our products.
November 1998 our “ERG” oil pump was rated as “High-tech Product in Zhejiang Province”.
February 1999 we developed and produced BCT outlet box for transformer bushing, which won the national patent and filled the blank in China.
May 1999 our oil pump was rewarded “the 12th China Patent Technology Award for New Products”.
October 1999 we modified and drafted out the industrial standard.
May 2000 we developed oil flow relay which won the national patent and took dominant level in China by appraisal.
August 2000 we modified and drafted out the industrial standard for oil flow relay. Our company was rated as “Advanced Unit of Enterprise Management” by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China.
May 2001 we successfully developed the electroceramics support for high voltage switch with Japan NGK, which were in the lead in domestic market by appraisal.
October 2001 the electroceramics support for high voltage switch was put into mass production.
December 12, 2001 we joined in China Epoxy Resins Applied Technology Institute.
May 2002 we successfully developed outdoor insulator which won the national patent, and was put into volume production and exported to Australia and ABB Company.
December 2003 we successfully developed transformer oil pump for electric locomotive which finished the history of importing transformer oil pumps used for electric locomotives were from abroad and won the national innovation fund and many patents. Our company was rated as “Designated Manufacturer” by Ministry of Railways and ranked as “Zhejiang Medium and Small Scientific and Technological Enterprise”.
May 2004 we, working with Zhejiang University, successfully developed transformer cooling fan and dry-type transformer cooling fan which were provincially approved to be lead in the domestic market, won the national patent and was put into volume production.
June 2005 our omniseal transformer oil pump was awarded the technological innovation fund for scientific and technological medium and small enterprises.
August 2005 we successfully developed intelligent control box involved IT industry with Wuhan University, combining the traditional and new industry together. We were bestowed with national patent and approved to enter into the software industry.
October 2005 we possessed R&D center and business center in Shanghai University Town.
April 2006 we cooperated with Xi’an Jiaotong University on R&D and production of quick-acting relay which was bestowed with the national patent and embraced into national technical support project.
August 2006 our company was rated as “Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise”.
September 2006 our omniseal transformer oil pump was acquired as the project of National Torch Plan.
February 2007 we successfully launched the omniseal transformer oil pump which possessed its invention patent as the first national industrialization project.
August 2007 our company was rated as “Zhejiang Technology Center”.
October 2007 we developed the cooler and transformed production from parts to complete set of components.
March 2008 our company had 35 granted patents from the end of December 2007; and the company was awarded as “Patent Model Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”.
May 2008 we acquired a land of 52mu in Binhai Xincheng of Sanmen for expanding development.
July 2008 Our R&D center was ratified as “Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise R&D Center”.
2009 our company became the teaching practice base for refrigeration & cryogenics major of Department of Energy in Zhejiang University.
April 2010 our company was rated as “Credible Private Enterprise”.
August 2010 our company became a member unit of Committee for Standardization of Internal Combustion Engines of Railway Industry.
October 2010 our company established an academician & expert workstation.