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ERG Overview
Seize opportunities, solidify, fight and innovate for ERG's rise.

1.Our Vision

Our vision is to become a domestic transformer assembly production base and an international supplier and accessories manufacturer of transformer assembly and to achieve the modern management.

2.Our Mission

Our mission is to make our parts have international advanced level in terms of performance and technical parameters, offer first-rate services, create the international brand and a first-class enterprise.

3.Our Objective

Our objective is to be the top parts supplier for power supply departments, power plant and large and medium-sized transformer manufacturers. There is only one way to get this objective, that is, we must build and maintain mutually cooperative partnership with customers based on quality, service and honesty, which help us to form our own values. Therefore, we will improve environment, enhance individual quality and professional level of team members, speed up product update, strengthen innovative consciousness, shorten production cycle and boost information feedback speed so as to possess the unique core competitiveness by human resource training, talents introduction, update of equipments and materials and the establishment and innovation of modern management system.

4.Corporate Culture & Values

Our corporate culture and values: Be the best ERG people. The ideological communication, connected affection, harmonious behavior and complementary knowledge among employees constitute the immortal ERG philosophy, talents cultivation first and company development second, morality first, ability second.

Eradicate the complacency and inferiority which hurt our mental health and recognize the promising and tortuous development. Take “Principle-centered” as corporate philosophy, regard “Brand as Life” as survival concept, forever concentrate on our cause, do the job well and correctly for the first time.

Refuse any short-term behavior and always recognize the long-term vision of company and employees .

Refuse any speculations which violates our values and always believe in the equilibrium law of gains equal to efforts.

Get rid of employment concept and the inferiority which disturb employee’s heart, always keep equal relationship of mutual help among employees, boss and staff.

Adhere to “Concentration and Dedication” is the basic condition of maintaining the common interests among company, employees and the society. Always regard slackness and personal interests first as degeneration and ignorance.

Respect every employee’s special talent & contribution and working capacity & efforts, always oppose equalitarianism and human relationship.

Adhere to the business ethics of credit and customer supreme, forever persist in the fair and reciprocal principle among us, customers, suppliers and all partners.

Believe in moral code of paying a debt of gratitude, never forget anyone who support and help us, especially the one who help us under adverse circumstances .

Establish firm quality consciousness and rigorous work attitude, never neglect the details and “7S” management, pursue to make everything perfect and be accustomed to lifelong learning.

Cherish natural resource and human wealth, always oppose any formalism, regard any intentional or unintentional waste as a kind of crime, save energy, do not go off half-cocked and neglect any trifle.