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ERG Overview
Seize opportunities, solidify, fight and innovate for ERG's rise.

Confucius sighed on riverbank: “The time is like the river water and never comes back”. Retroacting 2014 and welcoming 2015, we will uphold the core philosophy of “Self-discipline, Innovation, Morality and Credit” and engrave a hard working picture by 21 years of efforts to treat customer with honesty, develop enterprise with credit and win market with quality. We can never forget we overcame all obstacles at our initiative establishment while we are proud of today’s fruits. I appreciate the affection and supports from customers and cooperation and efforts from all our staff. Standing by the river, Confucius sighed: “Time goes on and on like the flowing water in the river and never comes back”.

Over 21 years, on the one hand, we felt the sense of urgency to promote quality reliability, and the sense of achievement from customers’ satisfaction through substitutes for imported goods and constant innovation on the other hand. All those senses gradually accumulated into a kind of mission to pursue the value of life. Driven by this sense of mission, we have been striving and making concentrated development of the main parts of the cooling system for electric power equipment and railway locomotives to contribute to the society.

We pursue the harmony among the society, enterprise and employees, share the mutual benefits among customers, suppliers and partners. In the New Year, we will boldly face the competitive market, the changeable business and the ups and downs of the crisis and step forward the objective of environment protection, low carbon and energy conservation. We will unremittingly develop enterprise with credit as usual and believe in a better tomorrow, which are our faith as well as action.

The action leads to hope which is like the fragrant grass around a simple house and the beautiful jade on splendid cloth. In a beautiful vision, let us build the blueprint hand in hand with sincere cooperation! Realize our hope through practical action.