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The 1st ERG reserve cadres training class Being Held

Writer:Zhang JinsongDate:2015-6-22
       For satisfying new development needs, our company decided to perform talent project from 2015 year. As one
important measure of this project, we have held a reserve cadres training class on June 17. The 1st lot trainee are
consisted of 24 people, include Ms. Liu Yafei, Mr. Wang Zhichao, Mr. Chen Jie, and Mr. Yao Jianhua etc. The training
term will be one year exactly and together study once on every month 28th. One opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xiakai
the executive manager, clarified the class task and basic qualities requirement in trainee choose. Ms. Li Xiujuan,
the general secretary explained the training system. Then, Mr. Li Xiantai, the ERG president made a summary lecture
and the first training. After class, all trainee express promises to study hard and persistently upgrade life value to
devote their energy in such a great undertaking of orientating a fine outlook  --  ”Constuct Perpetual ERG" .

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