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ERG landing China Neeq as the second company of Sanmen county

Source:Zhejiang Online Date:2015-5-25
     After Ailipu, China Neeq just embraced another new member - ERG from sanmen county. Recently,
ERG company held solemnly a ceremony in Beijing to announce its landing capital market.
    ERG is a high and new technology company specialized in manufacture of transformer oil pump, oil flow
indicator, BCT terminal box and other transformer insulator products. Following the national strategy of
"One belt and one road",this company has spent big resources to exploit railway market and obtained 
successfully several train componets projects in China and Russia. Now, ERG has become a strong railway
market anticipator competing against some famous foreign companies from France, Germany and Japan.
    China Neeq is an abbreviation of “National Equities Exchange And Quotations”. It is a national stock trading
platform of those small and medium private companies. This time, ERG choose marketing transfer.Comparing
with negotiation transfer, this mode will decentralize stocks, promote public process and keep financing channel
    After little more than one year preparation, ERG got China Neeq admission on March 24. Ms. Luo Yujuan,
vice director of Sanmen Financial Affairs Bureau, expressed her viewpoint about this thing: “landing
China Neeq is a good case of company direct financing in capital market. This financing mode will not only
benefit company varying financing methods and securitizing its assets, but also evolve business administration,
upgrade normal management, and shape better goodwill. ERG case will bring more Sanmen companies to chase
landing China Neeq. 
    China Neeq have set up several admission standards as below: private companies established by joint stock,
life more than two years and running stably, and major business with good performance, etc. If someone found
themselves satisfy those standards, they can forward directly entry application to China Neeq.

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