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ERG will make a tour quality investigation in late August

Writer:Zhang JinsongDate:2015-8-4
       Securitizing assets to raise public degree and internationalization is a committed development strategy of
ERG company. The board of directors has a clear acknowledgment. Strategy proceeding should be set on a
foundation of quality improvement by overall and persistent strive.
      Material QC is one important factor of quality warranty. One recent business summit meeting made a decision
of tour quality investigation and asked procurement department executing it in late August. This activity has three
tasks as below: 1. to get message from suppliers about their quality minds and QC measures;  2. to explain ERG
strategy and new cooperation requirement; 3. to give necessary guides for some problem suppliers.
     ERG pay high expection to this investigation, and will value it by feedback forward shaping up a good quality
investigation regulation to supplier group.

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