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ERG company will launch an APP for oil pump online monitoring

Writer:Zhang JinsongDate:2015-7-17
       With fast development of IOT technology and mobile devices (smart phone and flat PC), development
and promotion of APPS have become an irresistible market trend. Good APP using experience will efficiently 
raise customer's activity and their brand faith, then making better company prospects therewith.
       Market  trend enlighten us forward direction. Recently, we have started an APP project for oil pump online
monitoring. This APP can detect the radial shift datas of oil pump rotator. We can use cloud computing to analyse
the remaining life of bearings according to those datas. All messages can be sent to a mother sever set in ERG
and mobile devices of supervisors in local place. This fuction will help relevant pepeople conveniently understanding
oil pump running status so that they can make maintenance in time for all set of facility. 
       Some days before, We invited distinguished Mr. Zhang Shirong to come here for guide. On July 16, he made
an APP coaching lecture with demonstration for relevant ERG staffs. After lecture, those staffs speaked it had
moved their most understanding obstacles about such APP and broadened their knowledge boundary, generally,
gains very considerable. They also expressed enough confidence for practicing and promoting this APP. 

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