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Sanmen commercial register making“Five in one”innovation

Writer:Wu Lenxi, Fang ZySource:http://epaper.smnews Date:2015-7-2
      In the moring of June 30, Mr. Li Xiantai, the managing director of ERG company, got a new “five in one”
commercial license from Sanmen administrative approval center. The paper is marked five codes together,
including coommercial register ID code, organization ID code, tax payer ID code, social insurance ID code and
statistical affairs ID code. This thing symbolized Sanmen commercial register affairs having realized an innovation
of “Five in one”.
     “ Before this innovation, it need to spend twenty days at least to apply all papers, but now only three days little
less.” Mr. Li Xiantai said to our corresponder. Because of “ Five in one”, companies can save much more time and
labor cost in applying all kinds of business paper. “ In the past, applying papaer was a very complex work so that
we had to set a special position to take charge of these affairs, but now it can be cancelled.” Mr. Li supplemented
message with smile.
       Mr. Jiang Xiaomeng, section chief of Sanmen Administration Approval Center explained the meaning of “ Five
in one”. Originally, if one businessman want to set up a new company, he or she should apply several approval
papers from Market Supervision Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, National Tax Bureau, Local Tax Bureau,
HR & Social Insurance Bureau and Statistical Affairs Bureau etc. After “Five in one” policy being executed, five ID
codes, including commercial register ID code, organization ID code, tax ID code, social insurance ID code and
statistical affairs ID code, will be marked together on new type license, it will bring too much convenience for
commercial register.
      The procedure as below: any applicant only need to submit an application form and relevant documents to service
couter of Sanmen Administrative Approval Center. If no problem, he will get a new commercial license within three days,
and also, without any more documents works and fees. Such an innovation has really realized a exciting business
convenience “ One application form, one counter procession, inform all message one time, one multifuctional license”.
      According another official message, all approval papers being signed before “Five in one”, still can be used
normally like before. When one company need to change register items or renew commercial license, government will
change new type license for it.
      It’s not the first time commercial register innovation in Sanmen. In 2013, Sanmen government  carried out a policy 
of several license application joint processing. Last year, they realized “Three in one” . Now, “Five in one” also come
     “In next stage of this innovation, we will improve “Five in one” policy by data share in different departments and
realize such a target of “one license one code”. Mr. Jiang Xiaomeng said. Promotion of “Five in one” policy will make
early preparation for the target of “one license one code”. After social credit code institution being used widely over
china, Sanmen will carry out “one license one code” completely.

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