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China Neeq embraced a new Sanmen member

Writer:Zhu Shg, Song JinSource: Date:2015-5-16
       Recently, China Neeq just embraced another new Sanmen member after Ailipu company. In the morning of
May 15, ERG company held a solemn ceremony in Beijing for China Neeq admission. Among present guests,
there are some Sanmen major officials including Mr. Qiu Shiming, vice-secretary of SanmenCPC Committee and
county magistrate. It announced this company landing capital market successfully as the second one from Sanmen. 
      China Neeq is an abbreviation of “National Equities Exchange And Quotations”. It is a national stock trading
platform of those small and medium size private companies. This time, ERG choose marketing transfer.Comparing with 
negotiation transfer, this mode will decentralize stocks, promote public process and keep financing channel smoothly.
      ERG is a national-approval leading high and new technology company which has perennially specialized in
manufacture of electricity and railway products like transformer oil pump, oil flow indicator and traction transformer
insulators etc, and so far possesses 55 patents including 12 invention IPR. Now,this company has set up two factories,
one in Shaliu,  the other in Binhai new district. According to public data, they had made 82 million RMB yuan turnover
with a 52% growth year-on-year and 16 million tax in 2014. Following the national strategy of"One belt and one road",
this company has spent big resources to exploit railway market and obtained successfully several train components
projects in China and Russia. Now, ERG has become a strong railway market anticipator competing against some
famous foreign companies from France, Germany and Japan. 
       Some good qualities, like grasping core technologies, following closely national industry strategy and good
growth performance etc., have shaped a comparative advantage in landing capital market for ERG company. Under
the background of China Neeq enroling more member and market maker institution gradually being prefect, to ERG
company with advantages mentioned above, going public has become a realizable dream in a certain and not
long time. After a careful preparationof one year little more , ERG company got its admission from China Neeq on
March 24.
        Ms. Luo Yujuan, vice director of Sanmen Financial Affairs Bureau, expressed her viewpoint about this thing:
“landing China Neeq is a good case of company direct financing in capital market. This financing mode will not only
benefit company varying financing methods and securitizing its assets, but also evolve business administration,
upgrade normal management, and shape better goodwill. ERG case will bring more Sanmen companies to chase
landing China Neeq. 
        China Neeq have set up several admission standards as below: private companies established by joint stock,
life more than two years and running stably, and major business with good performance, etc. If someone found
themselves satisfy those standards, they can forward directly entry application to China Neeq.
        Mr Li Xiantai, the managing director of ERG, express his viewpoint about this thing: “ We have enough confidence to
develope ERG company bigger and stronger under such an investment and financing platform. In the coming future,
we will clench the valuable chance to well connect with all level capital markets. This will bring more power for company

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