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ERG independent R&D breakthrough making contributions to national strategy " One belt one road"

Source: Date:2015-5-27
      Recently, ERG - a Zhejiang local high and new technology company set up a post-doctoral mobile station.
So far, ERG company has possessed three test cabinets, four laboratories, one pos-doctoral mobile station
and one academician work station.
      According to interview message, ERG take care of technician training. For this target, it has built long term
cooperation relationships with some famous research institutes, for example, engineering thermophysics
institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, institute of refrigeration and cryogenics of Zhejiang University,
automation institute of Wuhan University, fluid and hydraulics institute of Lanzhou University of Science &
Technology, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, and Research Institute of Hefei Mechanical Heat
Exchanger, etc. These trials have brought continuous driving power for ERG’s R&D. 
     Product line upgrading obtain some breakthrough achievements by independent R&D:
     As a high and new technology company perennially focusing on cooling system of electricity and locomotive
transformer, ERG actively make independent R&D about all kinds of components of transformer cooling system
and get five breakthroughs in product line upgrading with several “Domestic industry initiation”.
     First breakthrough: A new product, transformer oil pump model 6BP1.135-7/4V, has been developed successfully
and used in the field of extreme high voltage power transmission. As the interview message, those facilities being
applied with 6BP1.135-7/4V has reached top grade transmission voltage of 1000KV,    and was regarded as a
scientific achievement of “ Powerful alliance” by business peers.
     Second breakthrough: A new product, transformer oil pump model 2BY1.55-20/5.5V, has been applied in traction
transformer of high-speed locomotive. Till now, it run stably and reliably.
     Third breakthrough: A big heat exchange capacity cooling system has been successfully developed and matched
with 6MW wind turbine generator set . Its capacity reach top grade in the world.
     Fourth breakthrough: Transformer oil pump model 6BP1.80-5/1.5V, has become a nice substitute of similar import
oil pump and been well applied in Qinshan nuclear power station, Da Yawan nuclear power station, Lingao nuclear
power station, Austrilia Callide power station, Japan Tokyo power station and Taiwan Xin Ganxian railway.
     Fifth breakthrough: Model 4BY1.42-7/1.5B-A, a cold climate transformer oil pump that can be used in such an
environment of 4000 meters up altitude and -40 degrees centigrade, has been well applied in Qinghai-Tibet railway
and Russia Siberia railway. 
     ERG make great efforts to upgrading R&D in quantity and quality for following the national
strategy “One belt and one road” : 
     It is leaned that ERG company also had gotten many achievement in academic research. They have several
scholar works and theses published by domestic famous press, for example, “ Best practicable technologies of
transformer oil pump” (published by China Electric Power Press in 2010), “Cooling system Design Essentials of Big
Transformer”(published by Zhejiang University Press in 2009). ERG also obtained several important awards,
including Zhejaing science and technology advance awards three times and 2nd or 3rd similar awards 11 times
issued by Taizhou government.  
    Some analysts said, ERG company has developed several new products to fill important domestic gaps, including
full air-tight transformer oil pump , axial oil pump, gear driving locomotive oil pump, traction transformer oil pump,
2.0MW DFAF cooler for wind turbine generator set and WFAF cooler for dehydration tower etc. These products
have been checked carefully by some top grade experts and laboratories such as The State Transformer Testing
Center, The Ministry Of Railway Locomotive Testing Center and National Atomic Energy Laboratory. Their reports
have given these products high praise and regarded them having reached similar quality level of like products in
the world with some advance technology in domestic. Some business peers make a optimistic outlook to the
application of ERG oil pump series in domestic railway and point out it will bring contribution for the national strategy
“One belt and one road”.

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