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Every ERG staff love scientific research

Writer:Mou YongxuanSource: Date:2012-2-8
      An manufacture technique improvement of aluminum cooling fan to save 40% material, an connector 
structure improvement to save manufacture cost of little less 200 thousand RMB yuan, an welding technique
improvement to raise up 50% manufacture efficiency, these improvement mentioned above are all from
Mr. Zhang Siman, a senior staff of ERG company. He said, “Every ERG people can become a scientific
     Mr. Zhang has been in machining industry more than thirty years. He joined ERG company in 2006. In this
period of six years, he has improved tens of manufacture equipments to save a lot of resources and costs for
ERG company by his hard research and work.
    Mr. Zhang told to corresponder,“ We grow up based on technology. Every year, ERG put its 8-9% income
into R&D and require technicians get 5 to 10 patents as their performance evaluation”,“ We also have set up
an encourage system, if anyone getting a patent, he will get a premium of 10% profit of this patent application.”
    An institution of premium closely up to patent obtaining has greatly inspired ERG staff’s creativity. Mr. Zhang
is one direct beneficiary of such an institution. He said, “ In last several years, I had some technique improvements
every year. One improvement of last year can save manufacture cost of around  200 thousands RMB yuan and
ERG company administration decided to give me a premium of 20 thousand RMB Yuan little more. Such an exciting
encourage has really inspired ERG staffs’ creativity to make improvements and incentions.”
    In recent years, ERG company obtained more than 10 national patents every year by giving priority to R&D.
At present, ERG company has possessed 33 patents, 11 of them are of invention patents, and participated in
the drawing of six electricity industry national standards and modified 3 items. ERG products have been usually
used in big size national construction projects, for example, CRH train, Qinshan nuclear power station and Sanxia
power station and so on.

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