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Mr. Li Xiantai -- ERG managing director and General manager: a model Confucianist businessman

Writer:http://taizhou.cnSource: Date:2012-6-17
      Mr. Li Xiantai was borned in August 1962 and started career life in August 1988 when he graduated
from a junior college. He founded ERG company and gloriously joined CPC in June 2006. Now, he is ERG
managing director and general manager with two honor titles of Taizhou model labor and the sixth Taizhou
top talent.
      After becoming the ERG party branch secretary, Mr. Li try to assimilate some modern business administration
measures to company operative management to actively promote the party construction in persistent learning
under talent training priority. According to his guide, board of director worked out a series of institutions related
with a special stipulation -- “ERG star-rating award rules about staff scientific and technological achievements”.
By encourage of such institutions, he try to build “No fence college” and from a characteristic business administration
      Mr. Li always take the lead to break through difficulties. He set up a team to manage meeting and took his team
to overcome some National “Eighth Five-Year Plan” R&D projects. They successfully developed a full-tight transformer
oil pump. This pump had been listed in the 2005-2006 National Torch Plan. And also, several ERG products become
industry initiations in China because of their leading status in energy saving and environment protection. Under his
leadership, ERG technique cabinet and R&D cabinet were both gotten qualification accredit of provincial center from
Zhejiang government, and ERG company obtained some honor titles one after another, including National high
technological company, Provincial high technology company, provincial patent demonstration company, provincial
innovative company, Taizhou technology top-ten leading company.
      Mr. Li takes care of staff’s life. He build “chatting room” to offer talk communication chance for  staffs and
set up “ Love Fund” to help those needy staffs. Mr. Li also actively throw himself into public services. Till now,
ERG company have maden donation over 1200 thousand RMB yuan. He himself yet warm-heartedly financed two
Wenchuan orphans. Meanwhile, Mr. Li also actively supported an employment platform for jobless people,
disadvantaged groups and former soldiers. It is learned that more than 200 people have been provided some jobs.
These activities gained high appreciation from public.

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