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ERG company actively promoting management upgrading by “Leader competition”activities

Source: Date:2011-3-8
      ERG established in 2002. Now this company has 13 CPC members. From initiation, ERG party branch
persisted two policies, one is “Using party construction to promote economy development”, the other is
“Using party construction to lead staff mass. Under such viewpoints of well production services, consideration
to party members, and consolidating staffs, these works are to make CPC organization play political core role
more efficiently, raise up cohesion, struggle capacity and influence of party branch, and create a harmonious
and mutual benefit status between management and party construction. 
      From“Leader competition”start, ERG company has arranged three theme activities to practice it based
on constructing a scientific development model company , they are “Theme education to boost confidence”,
“Suggesting ways to make advance”and“Saving and innovating to improve profit”. By these activities, ERG
consolidate development consensus, enhance confidence of teammates. According to an opinion from CPC
party members, ERG set up project duty institution to monitor any R&D from start to end. This measure has
efficiently increase R&D quality and accounting performance. By co-operating with some domestic famous
research institutes, such as Zhejiang University, ERG has well used external intelligent resources to develop
itself. According to a forecast, two new products --  cooler for wind turbine generator set and traction transformer
cooler for CRH locomotive, will bring 120 million RMB yuan turnover and around 50 million RMB yuan ROL
(tax and profit). Specially referring to the latter, it will provide enough driving power for ERG in the future 
three years. 
      ERG consistently pay much attention to talent team construction. Their party branch try to build a permanent
institution of talent training in “Leader Competition”activities. For example, ERG party branch actively contacted
with relevant government departments to help recruit talents absolving kids’ school enrollment problem, housing
problem,and job problem of their mates. By those solutions, ERG ensure most of recruit talents would like to work
here without vacillation. ERG also try to build some platform to give talents creation room. They let party members
to be the soul of some R&D teams. These teams usually make “Five small progresses”activity, including improvements,
innovations, inventions and designs. ERG make “Innovation Month”activity every year, it has been done five times
till now. In August early 2010, ERG open “Innovation Assembly”, all staffs offered 101 items of technique innovations
and rational suggestions, such a quantity broke company record.
      Study and innovation are never dried up power of company development and source of management quality
upgrading. In the activity of learning company CPC organization construction, ERG party branch promote “tutor
institution”to make new staff adapt their positions soon. They pay much attention to external intelligent resource
except working out ERG training potentials. In August of 2010, ERG spent 100 thousand RMB yuan to send its
excellent staffs in turn to some universities, famous foreign capital companies and foreign countries for study,
and invited some experts here to make lecture. They encourage ERG department supervisors, technicians and
management talents visiting advance companies and taking in their management experience, also organize staff
watch distance party construction education video for expanding their sight and knowledge. Aiming to inspiring
party members’study enthusiasm and improving study effect, they set up a “Party member demonstration position
”to stimulate normal competitions. By electing some model staffs of this position, they has effectivly raised up
management and technique grade of party members in those positions.      

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