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ERG grabing share in new energy market by technology upgrading

Writer:Lin ChaoqunSource: Date:2014-10-14
       ERG has several Zhejiang government accreditations, including provincial high technology company,
provincial technology center and provincial R&D center. On October 11, we corresponders visited this
Sanmen company. Just going inside, a scene of many busy blue collar staffs rushed in our sight. In order
to get a better position in new energy market, ERG try its best in R&D. 
      Several IPRs filling domestic gaps:
      ERG is the smallest unit of energy. This company is named after it. The name means ERG is a new
energy company focusing on energy saving and high technology. From its initiation, ERG paid much
attention on technology advance. We make a review about its history: being established in 1994, sucessfully
developing its first transformer oil pump in 1996 to fill a domestic gap, successfully devloping one kind of
outdoor insulator and obtaining national patent in 2002, successfully developing locomotive traction transformer  
oil pump in 2003 and diminishing import necessity on a large scale, successful developing one kind of BCT
terminal box of national patent and fill a domestic gap in 2008, successfully developing one kind of engine
cabinet cooler and one china-first PTA dehydrating tower cooler and fill a domestic gap.
     One invention can make one company alive well, one patent can create one new industry. After its
successful developing of trnsformer oil pump in October 28 of 1996, ERG output keep increase every year.
In a word, the core trick of ERG growing up is technology advance. 
     “We now have enough order. We don’t worry about no having business, but our manufacuter capacity”.
Mr Chen Yingqin, the managing director assistant said. The existing 3.3 acres working area has been unable
to follow ERG’s development trend. ERG has bought 8.24 acres land in Sanmen Binhai development area
and new factory will run in the coming future.
     Why can a not big size factory have such high technology products? Mr.Chen made a neat answer:
“because of talents.” From its initiation, ERG has paid much attention to talents training and introducing.
They built a team of 42 technicians specializing in R&D. In addition, they also employ 11 experts for regular
advisory, who come from post-doctoral centres and research institutes of Lanzhou University, Zhejiang
University, Wuhan University etc. These experts keep regular communication with ERG technicians by
telephone and come to ERG for on-site guide once a year. Such measures have brought strong intelligent
power for ERG..
      Cooler technology leading industry:
       This year, ERG applied one new high technology project to government, its full name is “5.85Mw AFWF
coolers project of 7000 production for anti-corrosive generator set fitting ocean climate.
       What functions will cooler be used in practice? What fetures does its technology application appear?
According to a introduction from Mr. Zhang Qiqiang, the ERG vice chief engineer, cooler is a core part  of
transformer, electricity need extreme high voltage transmission to reduce unnecessary energy waste at the
most, but such a voltage convertion of high to low, need transformer run at high load leveal, and its iron core
will be hot soon, cooler will make heat exchange to absolve this key problem. 
       “The iron core is put in oil and exchange heat by oil. Oil pump can draw hot oil from top layer to connection
pipes which go through the cooler body, and hot oil will be forcedly lowered temperature by some cooling fans.
” Mr Zhang said, “Thus, oil temperature can be reduced from 70-80℃ to 50-60℃. By continuous oil circulation
to exchange heat, transformer can work normally.” But refering to the 5.85Mw WFAF cooler project, its technology
application is with higher grade. The wind turbine generator set has three main hot resources. They are gearbox,
generator and frequency converter. In practice, the cabin will vibrate under wind blowing. The radiator must have
good resistance to vibration. And because of coast damp environment, the radiator also must have good
anti-corrosive capacity. For realizing these fuctions, ERG R&D team specially choose aluminum cross-flow finned
tube to make heat exchanger, this tube with some nice features of good heat transmission efficiency, compact
stucture, light weight and solidity. By a acrylic resin coating and hydrophilic membranes painting, the cooler can
be with better endurance capacity to acid rain and salt corrosion five times than before. “Market coolers only
having five years life, but our new cooler can be used around ten years and efficiency improved 20%.” Mr. Zhang

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