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Two Japan experts visting ERG to make on-site guide

Writer:Zhang JinsongDate:2015-8-12
      In June, ERG joined an overseas elites job fair which was organized by Taizhou government and reached
an flexible employment agreement with two Japan experts. They had served in Kawasaki Heavy Industry for a
long time and accumulated richful experiences. Mr.Otsubo specialize in business strategy and technology solution,
especially in fluid dynamics. Mr.Suzuki specialize in management and lean production.
      On August 10, two Japan experts visited ERG to make on-site guide. They made theme lecture for our
technicians after investigation to Shaliu and Binhai workshops. Mr.Otsubo introduced how to use some datas to
improve business, and answer for some fluid dynamics questions from technicians. Mr.Suzuki introduced basic
principles of Value engineering and explained its practice effects by some demonstrations.
     This guide visiting let us realize self shortcomings, expand knowledge sight and raise up confidence to develop
company better more. ERG will be tireless to study and chase perfect for a beautiful future.   

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